Author: netourism2day

A Craney Morning

Alda Nebraska brought us a beautiful sunrise specked with cranes, cranes and more cranes. 15-10 thousand Sandhills Cranes are headed north. Their final destinations being Canada, Alaska or even Siberia. Given that 90% of the worlds species are now extinct these impressive birds are survivors that are here to stay. However, they’ll only be in Nebraska till the second week in April. We are all thankful that we got to see them and for our friendly tour guide, Robert. Tour guide staffing is done on a volunteer basis and driven by the enjoyment of seeing the cranes migration which is the second largest in the world.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

-St. Augustine

If the world is a book, Nebraska isn’t in the the first chapter. Or second. Or third. It’s page comes long after those of New York City, Chicago, Colorado and in some minds virtually every other place you could visit.This narrative befits Nebraska only in perception. What happens when eight college students skim over perceptions, expand their book, and experience parts of Nebraska for the first time? Welcome to Nebraska Tourism, A two day adventure.